Topic provocative extra ordinaire – fat riders! I have a thing against fat riders I don’t believe they belong in the equestrian sport what so ever. And by fat riders I mean those who borderline or even crossed the border into obesity! There are actually a handful of these kind of riders to be seen in top level eventing of all sports!

How is that possible? If you’re a rider, you’re an athlete and you should take care of yourself (and your horse). It’s that simple!

How anybody in the year of 2018 find it appropriate for a horse to carry additional dead weight in a an extended trot or a piaff. Over cross country or even in a CSI5* showjumping course is way and beyond my imagination.

But since people cannot seem to figure this one out on their own maybe we should applaud the fact someone actually has done some research on the topic. Something we could ready about on the website of Horse & Hound yesterday. Time for debate!

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