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If you say that someone rants and raves, you mean that they talk loudly.. Maybe I do speak loudly but I believe I have the right to do so and if you don’t like what I have to say. You can always move along and or create your own little corner of the universe. // Gossip Pony

Can we stop pretending eventing is moving forward..

As the head line states, can we stop pretending eventing is moving forward? And no I am not talking about Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials* and course design. I am talking about the idiotic...

Jumpers are boring

So after a couple of weeks on the road I have come to the conclusion jumpers are boring. In all honestly jumpers are so dead boring it's like watching paint dry out even when...
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Oh the dressage drama

Well that is what I call an exciting team competition. When the assigned members of the press entered the arena yesterday afternoon it was to celebrate team Germany, team GB and the home nation...

Championship season under a dark cloud

Woaw, by now yours truly is attending the third FEI European Championship for the season. After covering first the youth jumpers at Zuidwolde, the Netherlands and then the ponies at Strzegom, Poland last week,...
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Fake it till you make (or break) it

Thanks to social media equestrian sport just as much else somewhat have turned into a competition in between the fake it till you make it characters. In all they may be hard to spot...
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There’s still hope

There's still hope for the sport, at least that is what I'm hoping for. Cause the other day I came across a younger rider who messed up at the European Championships the other week....
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Eventing – I finally figured it out

I finally figured eventing out and I cannot really say I feel pleased about it. And when I say figured it out I do not mean the many many MANY stupid rule changes we've...

Heat wave

Right now we have a heat wave across mainland Europe. Hot, hot, hotter than hot is what we can expect for the rest of this week. And how competing in temperatures hitting +40° line up...
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Princess Anne: education and support key in protecting horse welfare

Princess Anne stressed the importance of support and education at home and abroad when it comes to horse care as she opened a new...