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If you say that someone rants and raves, you mean that they talk loudly.. Maybe I do speak loudly but I believe I have the right to do so and if you don’t like what I have to say. You can always move along and or create your own little corner of the universe. // Gossip Pony

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Chef d’Equipes and journalists wants the same thing

Sometimes the line in between Chef d'Equipes and media is very thin and not always for good reasons. A Chef d'Equipe that gets bad press is likely to not take liking of any kind...

Ignorance is bliss

The other week when in a meeting someone blurted out there are way to many amateurs in this business. Myself was thinking well ignorance for sure is bliss. Cause the comment about amateurs is...
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But why FEI

Those words, but why FEI rang very much loud in my head the other day. And all this for entering my favourite part of their website which would be Inside FEI. But now the...

Seriously, start walking

Walking horses one way or the other is part of the game. It could be walking them to the pasture, walking them before training. Walking while a rider walk the showjumping course and so...
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So this is what happened

I love reading about horses and equestrian sports. But in this fast moving society where most of us hang on social media for one reason or the other I decided it was time for...

Let’s talk eventing safety

Today I would like to address the topic of eventing safety. A subject that is very close to my heart. And eventing safety involves many things. One of those things are riders that are...

Educational, challenging and fun

These three words educational, challenging and fun totally sum up one of the cross country courses (well more than one since there more classes than one) I visited the past weekend. After a season premiere...
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Give your horses a break will you!

Obviously I can rant a lot. And horse management - read lack of horse management - is a topic I probably could rant about like in eternity. Cause here's the thing. Horses need to...
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Getting a qualification vs. actually being qualified

One of the hottest topics in between course designers on the highest level in eventing seem to be the one if riders actually are...

Fat riders..